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    Alternative Energy

    Honor News

    Established in March of 2004, Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech holding company. Located in Yangzhou GuangLing Economic Development zone, we offer automobiles, automobile parts, automobile sales, 

    The company puts a great emphasis on alternative energy. Being forward thinking, we invested in battery technology back in 2010 and has made great progress since.

    Our branches received many honorary awards and are widely accepted by our customers. All our products go through rigorous testing and have obtains various certifications. We also hold many patents. 

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      Jiangsu Jiahe Thermal System Co., Ltd

    Established in September of 2002, Jiahe Thermal System has been the pioneer for mobile heat transfer systems. We are a complete heat transfer systems supplier with factories in YangZhou, Yangzhou, Chongqing, Liuzhou, Weihai and Xi'an. There is also a sales outlet in Los Angeles, California. We are able to produce more than 4 million thermal transfer systems annually.

    Shandong Jiahe Machinery Co., Ltd

    As a subsidiary of Jiahe Machinery Co, our Shandon branch focuses on micro cars, light cars, and alternative car frames. Totally investment was ¥92 million RMB. Situated in Shandong Weihai, the factory sits on a 32 acre lot, with 120 current employees. Annual sales can reach 500,000 frames. Currently this branch supplies the Chinese automotive market. 

      Yangzhou Jiakang Automobile sales Co.,Ltd

    Yangzhou Jiakang Automobile sales Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group. Located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province Gaoyou City Center, the company currently has 26 staff members. This branch is responsible for the sales and after sales customer service of micro cars, small cars, and alternative energy cars.

    Feiyang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd

    Established in November 2011, Jiangsu Feiyang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province, Baqiao Town. With a area of 90 hectares, and the existing staff of more than 150 employees. the company is committed to create an integrated enterprise that combines efficient farming, farming tourism and farming technology all in one.

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    Industrial Park, Yangzhou

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